Face coverings have now become an essential part of our wardrobe, and unfortunately this has brought new problems to our skin, not least ‘maskne’ – which refers to blocked pores and breakouts, linked to wearing face coverings. On a positive note, by wearing your face covering you’re creating a physical barrier between your skin’s surface and airborne pollution particles.

New Buzz Word – Occlusion ‘Occlusion’ refers to the build up of moisture which happens underneath your mask and may contribute to issues like blocked pores, irritation or even skin rashes around the mouth and nose. Breathing, talking, sweating, even yawning can all contribute to moisture build-up inside your mask, so it’s vital to keep up a regular cleansing routine to help keep your skin feeling clean and looking clear. As well as your regular morning cleanse, aim to cleanse your face again as soon as possible when you get home after removing your mask. Wash your hands first to help prevent the spread of bacteria between hands and face. Exfoliate your skin regularly to help keep skin free from extra debris and build up Nb. Do not exfoliate irritated skin

Keep Hydrated, Inside and Out Hydrated skin is often less prone to irritation, so ensure you moisturise well and drink plenty of water throughout the day to rehydrate from within. Guidelines suggest applying face creams at least 30 minutes before applying your mask so they have time to absorb and won’t risk damaging its material. Vitamin Ace Daily Moisturizer contains the ideal anti-ageing trio of Vitamins A, C & E, the lightweight formula mixes AHA fruit acid to deliver brighten, hydrated skin that feels soft and silky smooth. Leave the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 2020
where they belong! Natural Fragrance – Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang

While wearing your mask it is only natural that you’ll be expressing more with your eyes and forehead, so it’s essential that you take care of these areas. Incorporate a little bedtime massage for your forehead as you cleanse, and if you don’t use eye cream already, we highly recommend starting your day with Pro-Age Eye Cream

Pro Age Eye Cream

Minimise Your Make Up To help reduce the likelihood of breakouts and blocked pores scale back your make up – in particular, any heavy or comedogenic (pore-clocking) foundations and concealer – in the areas directly under and around your mask. Not only will this help your skin to regulate oil levels more easily, it will also help to avoid stubborn make up stains on your mask. Nb. If you are using non-disposable masks, you should wash them regularly to avoid the transfer of oil and bacteria onto your skin in between wearing

Be Mindful Care for your mind as well as your skin. If you feel overwhelmed or anxious wearing your face covering, start practicing deep breathing techniques, to centre, focus and calm yourself.

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