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Backstreet Boys Founder Lou Pearlman Dies :

American boy band mogul Lou Pearlman has died in prison at the age of 62,
Pearlman launched the careers of the Backstreet Boys and NSync, among others.

His cause of death has not yet been released.

Pearlman was jailed for 25 years in 2008 over a massive $300m (£153m) Ponzi fraud scheme.

He swindled family, friends, investors and banks by enticing them to put money into two fake companies for 20 years – some in their 70s and 80’s lost all of their life savings.

Prosecutors listed over 250 individual victims who lost a total of $200m plus 10 financial institutions that lost $100m.

In a statement Pearlman said, “Since my arrest I’ve come to realise the harm that’s been done. I’m truly sorry and I apologise for what’s happened.”

Pearlman was inspired by the huge success of New Kids on the Block, he formed his own record label, launching a $3m talent sweep in 1993, selecting five unknowns to be the Backstreet Boys. They went on to sell 130 million records, NSync sold more than 55 million

Pearlman later managed other bands including the girl group Innosense, which – Britney Spears was initially a band member.

Jimmy Osmund: Food, Fame and Family

It’s really no surprise that everyone is in love with Jimmy Osmond following his success in Celebrity Masterchef last month.

Humble and modest Jimmy showed that hardwork and determination really do pay off.

“I went into Celebrity Masterchef with only two recipies – and to be a hero for my little girl,” he said.

“It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, I savoured every moment … I loved it!”

Jimmy, 53, has been in showbiz for more than 50 years, performing since the age of five years.

At 16, he had his own advertising company [and staff], he brokered many deals for artists and worked for Michael Jackson when the album Bad was released.

He revealed: “I was the guy that handled packaging and raising money for the tour but he could have done it with anybody… I think he just took pity on me” (laughs) – this was ‘the biggest grossing tour of ANY artist at that time.

Always humble, he says: “I never thought showbusiness would last for me… it was a family business …I give credit to my brothers… I was just along for the ride and working alongside them. I was never that great, I just had strong people around me like Andy Williams.”

Jimmy is bringing The Andy Williams Legacy Christmas Extravaganza Tour to the UK in December – starring The Osmonds with special guests ventriloquist Steve Hewlett, from Britain’s Got Talent, and singer Charlie Green plus the Moon River Singers & Dancers.

The Osmonds will also perform their mega hits including Love Me For A Reason and Wild Horses. To book tickets call 01323 802020.

We at LS HQ are so looking forward to this tour…

Shayne Ward & Sophie Austin Expecting First Child :

Coronation Street actor Shayne Ward has confirmed that he is expecting his first child with his actress girlfriend Sophie Austin.

The X Factor winner turned actor confirmed the news in a tweet last night.

The pair are have been dating for several months.