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Tyson Fury Taunts Vladimir Klitschko :

Tyson Fury and Vladimir Klitschko came face to face since Fury ‘whooped’ Klitschko in the ring, back in November 2015.

Klitschko did not really speak much about boxing, choosing to bring up ‘old news’ – about issues outside of the ring, “I want to be a champion who represents the sport in a good way and be looked up to. I’m not ok with what comes out of Fury’s mouth. For example: that all homosexual men and women and paedophiles belong in the same place, in jail basically. That all women belong in the kitchen and on their back. So that is basically where he sees Elton John and the Queen. “To all people who say the same and think the same way out there, and to you Fury – I want to say fu** off.”

“In the past months I was going through a lot of emotions – understanding, one thing that I can confirm I made a mistake in the fight and that mistake cost me titles. a champion that represents the sport in certain way, a good way and for myself that I can look up and say you know what he’s done a great job I’m ok with that, I’m not ok with that”.

Practically a wax-work dummy – Klitschko barely spoke again during the conference, and did not answer question’s about the ‘glove wrapping’ incident or the ‘spongy mattress’ (extra 2 layers) which almost resulted in Fury cancelling the fight in Dussledorf, he said it was “nonsense questions” However Frank Warren did confirm that there will be no repeat of this happening in July. Klitschko avoided other questions saying “I don’t understand”.

Brutally honest – as always Fury confessed “I don’t live a strict lifestyle – I don’t even live an athlete’s lifestyle. It’s an absolute disgrace to call me an athlete. Shame on you – you let a fat man beat you! Boxing doesn’t mean a lot to me. If it did, I wouldn’t have gone into camp four stone overweight and eaten every pie in Lancashire and drunk every pint of beer in the UK. I hate every second of it, and I wish I wasn’t a boxer, but I’m in this position”.

Fury’s intention is to move to Los Angeles after his July 9 rematch with Wladimir Klitschko. He said, “I made the decision last week to move to LA where people admire success and admire big talking and the bull**** I do”.

“Any Brit that wants to make it in life has to go to America. The day I beat Steve Cunningham in New York (in 2013) was the day I knew I would be undisputed champion of the world because I knew if I make it there I will make it anywhere, like Sinatra said”.

Speaking to Tyson’s wife Paris who is expecting their 3rd ‘baby Fury’, (she looked amazing) she said ” I usually I have to go into labour three weeks earlier than planned, due to a condition in pregnancy. Tyson missed the first birth, coz we didn’t know about the condition then – he was out of the country at the time – and was like ‘tell em just to wait'[laughs] we’re hoping it doesn’t happen this time, as delivery would be 5th July I said it would land smack on top of the fight”.

Referring to Klitschico’s earlier statement Paris said “Tyson has no hatred or harm against anyone and he has never said homosexuals should be put in jail, maybe that’s what Klitschko thinks”

Media have referred to Fury as a ‘clown bringing the circus’ – he’s no clown, he knows exactly what he’s doing, perhaps the circus is the media – the clowns who will force our World Champion Boxer to emigrate!

Lynda Bellingham’s Sons Left Incensed :

Actress Lynda Bellingham, best known in the Oxo advertisements as the loving, maternal mother serving up a roast dinner with a delicious, pouring of gravy -would be very upset at the rift between her sons and husband.
A doting mother to Michael and Robbie, they were left devastated when she died of cancer 18 months ago – and are now upset by her husband Michael Pattemore.
Who knows when the decision was made for Lynda to leave ‘everything’ to him, what we do know is that her sons have only received £750 donation each – failing hugely to carry out her wishes to ‘look after them’, Pattermore has told them to leave her home and is lavishly spending cash on luxury holidays, a car – and a hair transplant! – Tarnishing her memory stating he has ‘made love to her ghost’ – has left her sons ‘incensed’ and no wonder – knowing Lynda her ‘ghost’ would be haunting him right now!

David Gest Has Died Aged 62 :

David Gest has died, the Producer and Reality star 62, was found dead on Tuesday (12 April) at the Four Seasons hotel, in Westferry Circus.
Born in LA, recently living in York, Gest had huge success touring last year- 14 cities in the UK with ‘David Gest’s (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life Tour’.

The ‘David Gest Is Not Dead But Alive With Soul Tour’ which was planned for July – the tour was named after the mix-up on Celebrity Big Brother, when American housemate mistakenly thought Gest (who was ill in bed) had died, after she heard the news of David Bowie’s death.

Gest the Ex- husband of singer Liza Minnelli (they were married from 2002-2003 and officially divorced in 2007) had many highlights during his successful career, a major highlight producing ‘Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Special’ for CBS – he produced many American Cinema Awards shows, honouring many stars including Bette Davis, Clint Eastwood and Robert Mitchum – making him a legend in his own right.
Climbing the stairway to heaven he joins many ‘Stars’…

We at LS HQ send our condolences and prayers to friends and family.

Sir Tom Jones’ wife Lady Melinda Rose Woodward dies :

The wife of singer Sir Tom Jones has died after a “short but fierce battle with cancer”. Lady Melinda Rose Woodward, who was married to the star for 59 years, died on Sunday morning at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

A statement on 75-year Sir Tom’s website said, “Surrounded by her husband and loved ones, she passed away peacefully.”

Sir Tom, famous for numerous hits including Delilah, It’s Not Unusual and Sex Bomb.

Recently cancelling concerts due to a “serious illness” in his family. He had been due to perform a number of tour dates in Japan, Thailand, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates, and apologised to fans after pulling out.

He met his wife, his childhood sweetheart when they were both 12 growing up together in Treforest. They started dating at 15 and married when they were 16 in 1957. Their only son Mark, 59-years is also Sir Tom’s manager.
In his 2015 autobiography titled Over The Top And Back, Sir Tom revealed they wanted more children, but a miscarriage had left Lady Linda infertile.

Speaking ahead of the book’s release, he told the Sunday Times Magazine while he enjoyed life in the spotlight, his wife had always preferred being at home and had become increasingly reclusive in recent years, rarely leaving their Beverley Hills home.
Speaking about his wife Lady Linda, he said “She is an unbelievable woman, she’s the most important thing in my life – all the rest is just fun and games.”

We at LS HQ would like to send our condolences to Sir Tom , Mark, family and friends.

Violent, Sexy Crime Thriller Author and Topless Milf C4 First Dates :

When violent sexy crime thriller Author, Colin Chapman met curvy, flirty ‘Milf’, Fran on Channel 4’s First Dates – you would be forgiven for assuming this could be a perfect match!

Flirty Fran jokes with her date, “I look in the mirror and say I’d sh*g that tomorrow so what’s wrong? Women don’t do that, they don’t have the confidence.”

The pair initially hit it off with a flirty Fran teasing Colin some more, asking him about sneaking off for a ‘snog’ in the toilet when she asked him if he was “adventurous”.

The First Date hopeful confesses to being named Britain’s ‘hottest MILF’, when she won a competition for the Sunday Sport and posed topless.

She tells Colin: “I went for this competition for the Sunday Sport, the UK’s hottest MILF because it’s never been done in Britain before. I won it. It was a bit of fun and I’m a bit of a character.”

Explaining to the camera “It’s nothing seedy, just topless photos and I’ve got two fan pages, because I was so depressed and so lonely it’s actually brought me back to me.”

The Author is not at all fazed by the brunette’s revelation – or her ego for that matter! Revealing he had his own insecurities about his looks and being bullied, he was very honest “Who wants a wallflower?”, says ‘The Cold Call’ writer.

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Curvy Fran declined to go on a second date with Colin and we at LS HQ think he had a lucky escape!

She may have been a bit of a ‘Jessica Rabitt’, but who wants a winking ‘woman’ making noises like they’re calling a ‘dog’ every time they ‘think’ they’re being sexy ?
Forget the ‘fluffy mound’ Colin, you could have had a bi*ch of a hound there …

The Queen Of the Oliviers:

The Queen of The Oliviers – Dame Judi Dench won ‘best supporting actress’ award for her role in ‘The Winters Tale’, making it an impressive eighth gong and her fifteenth nomination. The prestigious star-studded occasion took place on Sunday 3rd April, at The Royal Oprah House, Covent Garden.
Surprisingly instead of celebrating her record breaking success, she was ‘livid’…as her win meant she lost a bet with her Grandson. Jokingly she said “Ladies and Gentlemen I’m absolutely livid, I had a bet with my Grandson..and I’m never going to be able to forget it”.

Bond Beauty Gemma Arterton 30, may have missed out on the best actress award for her role as Nell Gwynn, however she was a winner on the red carpet, looking stunning in a purple dress.
Now in their 40th year the awards were hosted by Michael Ball – who rocked in red leather high heel boots!