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Britney Bitc* Is Back And A Huge Success:

Britney Spears’s Las Vegas residency ‘Piece Of Me’ has been such a huge success, it’s been extended for two more years.

Figures released show her residency 9 legs in and ‘Piece of Me’ has netted over $58 million from tickets alone.

Her recent leg has been full of energy, vibe, and amazing costume changes.

‘Work Bitch’, ‘Break The Ice’ and ‘Pretty Girls’ show Britney back to her formidable best with slick dancing, uber confidence commanding and owning centre stage, ensuring all eyes are on her.

The Las Vegas Sun says ‘the show proves she’s still reigning royalty in the music world and it helps that the residency was beating competition from Celine and Elton’.

We at LS HQ luuuurve Britney and are so pleased the Bitc* Is Back …